Mr.Donnelly Justice father of Donnelly Keaton Burns

Bio: This case is about the the corruption in CPS how are youngest child was the only child taken even though there were two other children under the age of 18 years old this was done as a favor to my ex wife who constantly called in and complained to CPS I have the transcripts of these phone calls my ex wife only the youngest child removed that belonged to my new wife and myself we are already knew that CPS was corrupt do the stories I heard over the years and my ex mother in law who was social worker of 30 years Plus. This blog was created with the intention of someday my son when he gets to be computer age and starts wondering where or what happened to his parents could happen across this and know that his parents loved him very very much and we never gave up on him and we never intend to. We have videos of quite often during the first four years of his life when we continue to fight CPS that show how happy the family was together and my son donnelly was very loved by it all his siblings and his parents of course I wasn't allowed to show these tapes in court because they want everything to be bias. The court was Southwest in Southern California Riverside County and the judge was with Soho bias towards taking my child. We have found out since the court case when took him permanently that the money they get from the federal government to the courts is phenomenal.

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